2015 Wellness Champion

Wellness has always been a priority for me. Life is full of challenges, and being healthy in body, mind and spirit empowers us to be our very best when meeting these challenges.

Winning the Wellness Champions Award in April, 2015 confirmed that I’m on the right track when it comes to my choices around wellness for myself, and in how I educate others around wellness.

Turning Grief Into Gratitude: Four Strategies For Coping With Loss
Lately, I've been talking to quite a few people who've lost loved ones. It's got me thinking about how we cope with loss, especially the loss of a young person, and how we keep going forward in our lives...
Five Tips to Help You Shape Up for Summer
Summer is here, and many of us will be heading to the beach or attending holiday parties. It's also wedding season, and everyone will want to look their best. This is why it's easy to get conned by unscrupulous...
Become a Winner: Adopt the Ten Habits of Elite Athletes
The Pan Am games are coming to Toronto very soon, and it's got me thinking about how someone becomes a world-class athlete. These sports superstars aren't necessarily born with super-human abilities....

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