Should Parents Let Their Children Learn From Their Mistakes on Hamilton AM900CHML

AM900CHML-Hamilton radio
Dr. Sirota was interviewed June 13, 2017 on The Scott Radley Show Hamilton AM900CHML. The topic was about helicopter parents, based on her article, "Helicopter ...

Parents, Don’t Raise the Next Generation of Incompetent Kids
I've been writing a lot lately about the consequences of helicopter parenting on young people currently graduating from college and university. I hope I've made my point that over-protecting and coddling...
Making a More Meaningful Summer for Your Kids
As I get older, time goes by so much faster. If I'm not making the most of my time, I figure I'm probably wasting it. Summer is a perfect example of this. The season here in Canada is so short that...
The Most Important Thing Commencement Speakers Aren’t Telling New Grads
For those of you in your last semester of college or university, it's spring and you probably feel like celebrating. You've spent the past few years working hard (or maybe not that hard) and you're...

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