Dating tips for women who are ‘Back On The Market’

Dr. Marcia Sirota in April 2016 was interviewed offering a range of dating tips women who are 'Back On The Market'. This includes women who in long-relationships, ...

Ryan Lochte Lied, So What Does That Mean to Us?
The Olympics are over, but Ryan Lochte's lie lives on. Still, if we look at it, he was just carrying on the ignoble tradition of making up a story to avoid being embarrassed for some inappropriate behaviour....
Which Story Fascinates You ? Orlando Bloom or Lisa Bloom?
The other day, someone forwarded me a horrifying Huffington Post story by the lawyer and commentator, Lisa Bloom. The story was about why we shouldn't ignore the child-rape charges recently filed against...
Leslie Jones and the Crime of Shattering Conservative Male Expectations
Leslie Jones briefly resigned from Twitter this week, and it's not at all surprising. She's been subject to one of the most virulent attacks by social media trolls that the Twitterverse has ever witnessed. And...

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