Loans and Love- CBC Radio

Student debt is crippling financially...and can also keep you single. Marcia Sirota discusses why money and marriage are tricky.     Listen ...

Amazon’s Workplace Culture- Forward Thinking or Dangerously Backward?
I've been reading some pretty horrifying posts this week about Amazon's business culture. There was the front page New York Times article, written by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, a fascinating op-ed...
Back to School? 5 Tips for Minimizing Your Stress and Maximizing Your Success
When I was a kid, I always got a bit stressed, just before the beginning of September. It was hard for me to shift gears from lazy summer mode into intense, driven school mode. Eventually, I figured...
Ghosting: Should We Do What Charlize Did With Sean?
Charlize Theron just broke off her engagement with Sean Penn. That's not news in Hollywood, as relationships between actors or other celebrities seem to have an inevitable, early expiration date. What...

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  • RT @AdamsFlaFan: Planned Parenthood unit files suit against Alabama Gov. Bentley via @WSJ
  • McDonalds finally cuts ties with chicken dealer after abuse video makes it too embarrassing for them to continue:
  • Interestingly, the vast majority of "female" users of #AshleyMadison were never real women:

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