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Welcome to the Site!

We're here to present a fresh new perspective on a variety of issues and ideas.

Whether it's learning about personal empowerment, overcoming addiction, healing trauma or seeing popular culture from a different angle, we're going to bring you a greater understanding of yourself and today’s society.

We Want to Get to Know You!
We're doing a survey! We want to know more about our followers so that we can serve you better. Marcia will shortly be doing a short, 30 minute phone interview with selected people who will be assisting...
The Truth About the 12-Step Program
I've been thinking about the 12-step program for some time, now. I've worked with many addicts over the years, and it's pretty clear to me that while the 12-step program might be helpful in supporting...
Vivianne’s Home-made Healthy Chocolates
This is a recipe for home-made, sugar free chocolates, contributed by my good friend,Vivianne Collins Lifestyle & Entertainment Host | Natural Health Aficionado "What do I love most about chocolate?...

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  • Is this the time/place for a selfie? Probably not...
  • Cat goes through horrific ordeal; now in care of SPCA:
  • Indiana passes #antigay legislation:

Marcia's practice is currently full and she is not taking new patients. You are welcome to ask questions but she cannot give medical advice online.