People pleasing can lead to work place burn out

Dr. Sirota was interviewed in November 2016 about how people pleasing can lead to work place burn out on The Kelly Alexander Show - CJAD 800AM. For more, ...

How to Love Your Own “Cat From Hell”
In 2014, I wrote an article entitled, Why Love Will Heal the World, for LinkedIn. I posted a photograph with the article that had personal meaning to me. To those reading the article, it was just a picture...
The Key to Constructive Confrontation
The word “confrontation” makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. When we contemplate talking to a friend or colleague about something they did to upset us, or something we need them to do differently,...
A Good Manager Needs to be Kind, Not Nice
Sometimes, a manager thinks that they need to be "nice" at work. They're overly invested in being liked and they're uncomfortable setting limits or giving consequences. They especially don't like dealing...

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