Dating tips for women who are ‘Back On The Market’

Dr. Marcia Sirota in April 2016 was interviewed offering a range of dating tips women who are 'Back On The Market'. This includes women who in long-relationships, ...

Grace Vanderwaal Deserved to Win AGT, But Should She Have?
America's Got Talent used to be a really cheesy show with really cheesy acts, but as it often happens when a show develops a huge following, better quality people start auditioning and the tone of the...
What it Takes to Raise a Teenager
The teenage years can be hard on everyone. The young person is going through so many changes to their body and their psyche; they're discovering who they are and what they aspire to in life. Hormones are...
Ryan Lochte Lied, So What Does That Mean to Us?
The Olympics are over, but Ryan Lochte's lie lives on. Still, if we look at it, he was just carrying on the ignoble tradition of making up a story to avoid being embarrassed for some inappropriate behaviour....

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  • Is no-one concerned about #Russia's new "super-nuke" weapon that could destroy an entire country?
  • At least #Trump's words/actions have brought to light the crisis around sexual assault to #women:

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