Helicopter parenting on Roundhouse Radio 98.3, BC, with guest host Stirling Faux

Roundhouse radio
Dr. Sirota was interviewed May 11, 2017  on Roundhouse Radio 98.3, BC,  with guest host Stirling Faux  about helicopter parents raising unemployable ...

The Six Ways We Avoid Our Genuine Emotions
Our emotions are important signals for us. They give us information about ourselves, other people and the world. When we shut ourselves off from these feelings it's as though we've eliminated one of...
11k Word Essay : The Dark Side of Being Too Nice
Part One: What does it mean to be "too nice" (and why is it a problem)? Being too nice - otherwise known as people-pleasing - is an overlooked and serious problem today. Unlike other counterproductive...
The Twelve-Step Cure for Helicopter Parenting
It’s spring, and kids are graduating from University and starting their careers.Those young people whose parents raised them to be hard-working, responsible and self-directed are going to be at...

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  • Getting ahead of The Curve with @nicholaslovell on Ep.25 of the podcast! Listen here: #thecurve #ruthlesscompassion
  • Getting ahead of The Curve with @nicholaslovell on Ep.25 of the podcast! Listen here: #thecurve #ruthlesscompassion

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