How bad news overload affects people

Dr. Sirota was interviewed in December 2016 about how bad news overload affects people on CBC Radio. For more, listen here ...

Let’s Wake Up to the Toxic Narcissists Among Us
It's 2017 and extreme narcissists are among us. These toxic individuals are a real problem, as they're destructive, and often dangerous. When an extreme narcissist holds a position of power, say, as...
Michelle Obama’s Legacy of Kindness
Jimmy Fallon did a tribute to Michelle Obama the other day in which people were supposed to stand in front of a photograph of the First Lady and record a message for her to view at a later date. Not...
The Cure to Unhappiness? Open Your Heart to Others
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of making connections. We all really need them but it seems that people are more disconnected than they’ve ever been. Recently, I had a...

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  • "It's 2017, and We Need to Wake Up to the Toxic Narcissists Among Us" on @LinkedIn
  • It's 2017. We need to wake up to the toxic narcissists around us:
  • I just published “On the Eve of the Presidential Inauguration, a Word About Extreme Narcissists”

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