The Addictive Quality of Tinder Is Bringing an End to Intimacy – Spice Radio Interview

Radio interview with Dr. Marcia Sirota August 2015. Listen here. ...

Creating an Amazing 2016: It’s Not About Making New Year’s Resolutions
We all do it: we make our New Year's resolutions early in January, and then by mid-month, we're back to our old ways. It's hard to find the motivation to take better care of ourselves and to follow through...
The Paris Attacks Remind Us That We Are All One
When I learned about the horrific attacks in Paris a few days ago, I was devastated. Assaults like this on innocent people are beyond senseless. I'm heartbroken for the victims of the massacre, and for...
Insights At the Edge of Love and Death
Death is a subject most people avoid talking about. We don't even like to think about it. But the truth is, everybody dies, and if we don't think about it or talk about it, we'll never learn how to deal...

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  • People are capable of sinking to the lowest depths of depravity. Abused cat rescued from monsters:
  • Baby owl & tiny kitten make friends:
  • Sick, twisted, disgusting teens torture family dog. Luckily, it survives!

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