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We're here to present a fresh new perspective on a variety of issues and ideas.

Whether it's learning about personal empowerment, overcoming addiction, healing trauma or seeing popular culture from a different angle, we're going to bring you a greater understanding of yourself and today’s society.

No More Bullying! Let’s Choose to #BeKind
I was just watching the video about Sean O'Brien, the #DancingMan, on Yahoo news the other day, and it got me thinking about all the bullying going on these days. Sean's a great guy, but he's seen his...
Are You Too Nice in Your Relationships?
Everyone wants friendship and love in their life, and we all have our own ideas about how to create great relationships. One of the things that gets in the way of this is our tendency to be too nice. Many...
Men, You Can Have Fantastic Relationships With Women
It's 2015, and fantastic relationships between men and women are sadly in the minority. I think that the problem comes from common misunderstandings between the sexes. Men and women make a lot of assumptions...

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  • RT @HuffPostCaLiv: Let's bring an end to bullying by choosing to #BeKind says @marciasirota
  • Time to put an end to bullying! Let's #BeKind:
  • RT @JanetKitto: Let's bring an end to bullying by choosing to #BeKind says @marciasirota via @HuffPostCaLiv

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