Dating tips for women who are ‘Back On The Market’

Dr. Marcia Sirota in April 2016 was interviewed offering a range of dating tips women who are 'Back On The Market'. This includes women who in long-relationships, ...

Leslie Jones and the Crime of Shattering Conservative Male Expectations
Leslie Jones briefly resigned from Twitter this week, and it's not at all surprising. She's been subject to one of the most virulent attacks by social media trolls that the Twitterverse has ever witnessed. And...
What Should We Make of the Taylor Swift, Kardashian-West Feud?
Someone sent me a link to the recent back and forths between the Swift and Kardashian-West camps these days, and they encouraged me to write about it. Even as I do so, I'm highly ambivalent, as the whole...
After the Orlando Massacre: So Many Questions, So Few Answers
When I think about the massacre in Orlando this past weekend, my heart breaks. The senseless loss of so many innocent lives is horrifying, but there are some aspects to this tragedy that are equally shocking. I'm...

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  • Ep 11 is here! @432Shift talks about opening your mind to new possibilities, #LisaBerry #MindsetMakeover #podcast
  • Ep 11 is here! @432Shift talks about opening your mind to new possibilities, #LisaBerry #MindsetMakeover #podcast
  • ‘11: Lisa Berry - Opening your mind to new possibilities’ on #SoundCloud #np

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