How Victims of Sexual Assault are Shamed and Bullied into Silence

After reading Ronan Farrow's recent article in the New Yorker, entitled Harvey Weinstein's Army of Spies I'm filled with great sadness. In his November 6 article, Mr. Farrow describes how producer Harvey Weinstein "hired private security agencies to collect information on the women and the journalists trying to expose the allegations"...

Black Friday: Not an Excuse for Savage Parental Behavior

If you watch the videos on YouTube, you'll see parents going crazy on Black Friday, year after year. They're shopping for sales at Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other stores but their behaviour is totally out of control. They're looking for deals on electronics and other goods to buy for their children, perhaps in anticipation of the...

Halloween, Stranger Things and Our Secret Shadow Self

Halloween is here. It's a time to put on masks and walk around pretending to be someone we're not. Sometimes, though, our choice of costume ends up inadvertently showing people the truth about who we are. The masks we wear are meant to present ourselves in a completely different light and obscure the aspects of ourselves that we...

To Prevent Mental Health Problems in Our Kids, We Must Change How We Parent Them

We're in the middle of a youth mental health crisis that's going to have implications for everyone, in the near and distant future. These young people are the future workers and leaders of our society, and if they're struggling, and not functioning optimally, it bodes ill for the rest of us. According to an article by Kristin Rushowy...

Harvey Weinstein is Addicted to Power, Not Sex

Harvey Weinstein has entered a treatment facility in Arizona to deal with what he describes as a "sex addiction." I call BS, and so do many, many others. In reading numerous articles about Mr. Weinstein and about the way the notion of "sex addiction" is used to justify certain wealthy, connected men's compulsion to violate consent,...

The Enablers Who Support Men Like Harvey Weinstein Are Just as Guilty

It appears that Harvey Weinstein may face prosecution for decades of alleged sexual crimes against women, ranging from sexual bullying to rape. It must be pointed out, however, that a man like Harvey Weinstein doesn't operate in a vacuum. For him to be able to continue his egregious pattern of sexual predation over a period of...

The Harvey Weinstein Allegations Point to a Culture of Misogyny

I find myself saddened, angry and disgusted that once again, the news is filled with stories about a powerful man of influence - in this case, film producer Harvey Weinstein - who has allegedly used his position to systematically harass and sexually abuse women over a period of decades. What makes this situation so bad is that...

Is President Trump Doing His Best to Bring Out the Worst in Us?

When I was a kid, there was this cartoon trope in which a little angel and a little devil would be seen occupying each of the shoulders of a person who was trying to make a choice. The angel was encouraging the fellow to do the right thing and the devil was insisting that he follow his basest impulses and indulge in greed, aggression,...

Why You Need to Stop Being Nice and Start Being Kind

A lot of people are attached to the idea of being “nice.” It’s not so easy for these individuals to let go of their need to be nice, or to appreciate how different it is from being kind. This distinction is important, however, because these two ways of being lead to very different outcomes in one’s personal and professional...

The Mental Health Crisis Facing Our Youth Comes Down to Helicopter Parenting

There has been a glut of alarming articles coming out lately about the mental health crisis facing young people today. According to the stats the authors are quoting, these young people seem to have very little resilience and few abilities to cope with the ordinary stresses of their lives. According to a document called the National...

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