10k Word Essay : The Dark Side of Being Too Nice

Part One: What does it mean to be "too nice" (and why is it a problem)? Being too nice - otherwise known as people-pleasing - is an overlooked and serious problem today. Unlike other counterproductive behaviours, individuals who engage in it rarely visit their doctor or counselor, saying, “I need help with my compulsive people-pleasing...

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Six Parenting Traps That Will Turn Your Kid Into a Sociopath

How do parents turn their child into a sociopath? There are six parenting traps that together, will bring out the very worst in any child. Parenting traps are behaviours that seem “nice” on the surface, so parents think they’re “good” for their children. They’re actually very bad for them. 1: No limits. Instead...

The Entertainment Industry’s Double Standard Toward Women and Men

It's International Women's Day and I'm celebrating being a woman. I'm also taking the opportunity to vent a bit about an issue that's been bothering me for a while, now. It's about the glaringly different ways that men and women are represented in the entertainment industry. First, let me say that I unequivocally support any grown-up...

On IWD 2017, Know That Feminism is Our Future

It's very strange to me that the notion of feminism currently seems to be equated with man-hating or man-bashing. As a feminist myself, surrounded by many other feminists, it's clear that none of us have the least bit of animosity, contempt or destructive wishes toward men. For feminists the world over, the term identifies those...

Make March Break More Meaningful for Your Teens

March Break 2017 is almost upon us and everywhere, parents of teens are scrambling to figure out how to occupy their kids' time for an entire week. Many parents are planning vacations, sports camp or some other fun activities for their teens, but I think that this is a missed opportunity. At a time when teenagers are more insolent...

Emily Esfahani Smith on Creating a Meaningful Life

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it takes to live a good life. With all the challenges that we face, with regard to our family, work, health, finances or political situation, it can be difficult to carve out a life that feels satisfying, fulfilling and worthwhile. Fortunately, I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to interview...

Six Simple Tips for Workplace Success

The workplace can be a real minefield of challenging interpersonal dynamics, so I've updated this article for 2017. Here are six helpful tips for being more successful at work. 1: Take responsibility for yourself. No-one respects a colleague or employee who blames others for their problems or mistakes. No-one trusts such a...

What Happens to the Children of Extreme Narcissists?

I recently wrote a post about who marries an extreme narcissist. Now, I'm going to talk about what happens to the children of extreme narcissists. In my practice as a psychiatrist, I've encountered many such children and they've all been adversely affected by having one or both parents with this personality type. The child who...

Who Marries an Extreme Narcissist?

Recently, it was Family Day, and I got to thinking about all the different types of families there are: single-parent families, blended families, LGBTQ families, mixed-race families, multi-faith families. The family that I'm most interested in these days is that of the extreme narcissist. I'll follow this post with one about the...

What Do Serial Killers, Crack Addicts and Greedy Billionaires Have in Common?

On the surface, violent serial killers, crack addicts searching for their next hit and insatiably greedy billionaires don’t seem to have very much in common, if anything at all. But they’re a lot more similar than we might think. What all these people share is the fact that their actions are driven by a powerful need within...

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