A Call to Action Against the Powerful Extreme Narcissists Who Want to Silence Us

In the wake of recent US events, I've been thinking a lot about extreme narcissists. Whether they're a boss, a colleague or an employee, a parent or a sibling, a lover or a spouse, the CEO of a corporation or the president of a country, all extreme narcissists have the same reaction to being questioned, challenged or opposed. That...

What is Real Love?

These days, the subject of love is on everyone's mind. But what is real love? To me, it's a deep appreciation of the other person, a sense of gratitude for knowing them and a powerful desire to be a part of their life. Real love isn't about finding a person who can fulfill some sort of role for us, whether it's spouse, lover or...

You Can Be Your Own Valentine

As Valentine's Day approaches, single people everywhere are beginning to panic. Maybe you're one of them. Do you ask yourself, “What am I going to do?” “Who am I going to see?” “How am I going to feel?” The idea of being alone on Valentine's Day fills you with dread. But it doesn't have to be that way. Regardless of your...

Let’s Wake Up to the Toxic Narcissists Among Us

It's 2017 and extreme narcissists are among us. These toxic individuals are a real problem, as they're destructive, and often dangerous. When an extreme narcissist holds a position of power, say, as the head of a corporation or a country, we're in a mess of trouble. What makes someone an extreme narcissist? It's a combination of...

Michelle Obama’s Legacy of Kindness

Jimmy Fallon did a tribute to Michelle Obama the other day in which people were supposed to stand in front of a photograph of the First Lady and record a message for her to view at a later date. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Obama and Mr. Fallon were listening behind a curtain, and then came out to greet each of the participants after...

The Cure to Unhappiness? Open Your Heart to Others

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of making connections. We all really need them but it seems that people are more disconnected than they’ve ever been. Recently, I had a conversation with the psychotherapist Megan Bruneau, for my Ruthless Compassion podcast. She’s also noticed how people are more lonely...

The New Year’s Resolution You Can Really Keep in 2017

 You know the drill. Every January 1st, you make your New Year's resolutions with the best of intentions, and every January 6th, you've already broken most of them. Is it even possible to keep New Year's resolutions?  I think so. You just have to make the right ones. We make resolutions to quit smoking, lose ten pounds, drink less...

Getting Into the “Holiday Spirit” 365 Days a Year

Even though the holidays are upon us, I've noticed that lately, many people in Toronto have been more rude, selfish and inconsiderate than usual. Driving in my car, I'm often cut off. People speed through red lights and try to squeeze into parallel-moving traffic, risking accidents as they muscle their way in. The other day, a small...

How to Love Your Own “Cat From Hell”

In 2014, I wrote an article entitled, Why Love Will Heal the World, for LinkedIn. I posted a photograph with the article that had personal meaning to me. To those reading the article, it was just a picture of my two cats, Sweetface and Joey, but to me, it was a symbol of unconditional love and acceptance. Sweetface was my first rescue...

The Key to Constructive Confrontation

The word “confrontation” makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. When we contemplate talking to a friend or colleague about something they did to upset us, or something we need them to do differently, it can fill us with dread. For this reason, it's important that we distinguish aggressive confrontation from the constructive...

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