What Happens to the Children of Extreme Narcissists?

  • Kathy Bowen

    I have seen many articles about daughters of narcissist mothers, I would love to see an article or two about mothers who have raised narcissist daughters. Any idea where I can find some info on that topic?

    • zakkp

      Me too.

  • disqus_DcuNUSI6Ju

    Where do you people think these daughters LEARN narcissistic attitudes and behaviors??? If you “raise narcissistic daughters”, well, I think you’ve answered your own question.
    Spoken like true narcissistic mothers.

    (Notice you have ZERO replies from the author/doctor as the aforementioned is obvious to anyone that has ANY insight to this vile, hate-filled personality disorder.)

    THIS isn’t the page to find a way to blame your kids and refuse responsibility.
    I’m sure you can find another website that’ll feed your need for supply though- but THIS one isn’t it.

    • BravesFan

      THANK YOU.

  • martij

    Very helpful article. My people-pleasing and the trouble it got me into (along with concern about some of my “coping mechanisms”) started me on a journey of exploration. The years with a good counselor helped me finally learn to have some genuine self-esteem and focus in what I really wanted in my life. I gained an ability to achieve my goals, be more watchful about narcissists out there, and defend myself better against them when having to interact with them (and limited this interaction as much as possible too).

  • John Doe

    My parents were likely further down the cluster-B spectrum, but I grew up to be a people pleaser, and it basically landed me in a psych ward. This is a false dichotomy with false outcomes you’re presenting and it’s a shame that it’s so neatly packaged.