Helicopter Parents Prevent Their Kids From Developing Resilience

  • Peter Hamer

    I guess for most of my life,
    I did not actually experience that I had control over my life, or even had the words to say I did or did not have control, although I know I made the decisions of what I did or did not do and that some times it was under duress;
    Growing up I helped around the farm and learnt to do manual things and too often I had to attempt things several times before I got the result I was satisfied with;
    I struggle with the term that “I believe that I matter”, and in more recent years I saw that I believed that I did not matter! I had no context around it prior. As I ponder this, I am getting some stimulus that some people did give me valuable feedback, however, I think I had a low estimate of myself;
    I did have some belief around being a surviver, and I am guessing I may have drawn strength out of that. Twelve Step programs have given me some insights into myself of others over the last few years.
    Thank you for your article, the words have given me some way of giving me depth into my life.