Dr. Marcia Sirota author imageMarcia is all about long-term results. She works with organizations that want to take charge and empower their people to improve positivity, personal responsibility, performance and leadership.

She’s not about quick fix overnight solutions. Marcia helps transform individuals, employees, managers and executives into superstars by enabling them to overcome mental blocks and obstacles and helping them to bounce back from adversity.




Experience:  More than 25 years of experience in Health and Wellness.

Insight: 5 books and hundreds of published articles on personal and organizational development

Wisdom: Unique approach to resolving challenges where others fall short

Compassion: A  tempered, non-judgmental, caring manner

Award-Winning Results:

2015 Winner of Wellness Champions Award

2016 One of Top 50 most influential bloggers and communicators in Canada

Expertise: Board-certified Psychiatrist; professional speaker in Canada and the US


  • People Pleasing
  • Taking Personal Responsibility
  • Over-Entitlement
  • Getting Along Better
  • Moving Past Addiction
  • Toxic Workplaces
  • Fulfilling Creative Potential

Published Books