Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body

LHQMHBSirota3dBook021015LGLose weight and heal through self-love and positive affirmations: Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body is a refreshing book that will transform your body and elevate your life. A quick, inspiring and fun read, it provides you with simple and empowering ways to: accept that you possess unlimited inner and outer beauty; resolve emotional issues that drive unhealthy eating; overcome compulsive thoughts that motivate unhealthy habits; use affirmations to keep you in a positive, life-enhancing mindset, and turn food into “enjoyable fuel” that powers your hopes and dreams. The magic of this book lies in its heartfelt sincerity. You’ll feel fully supported as Dr. Marcia Sirota gives you all the tools you need to eat healthy and “feel full” of love, possibilities, confidence, self-worth and inner peace.

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CD in the open boxNine affirmation exercises designed to inspire, encourage and support you in your journey of transformation toward a loving heart, quiet mind and healthy body.

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