11k Word Essay : The Dark Side of Being Too Nice

  • Marilyn1953

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. People pleasing is a zero.

  • mary BE

    Thank you !!!! This is very clear and enlightening . Five star article and a tool for growth on many levels . I’m working on this very issue in therapy . It “hurts” to see self as a “user” to fill a void of love and nurturing and acceptance that wasn’t received in childhood , and yet it’s true isn’t it ? I pray to be free , with God’s help , of this habitual condition , and to truly give my own heart all the love and nurturing and acceptance I deserve , which is Infinite !!! I deserve to be loved . To be wanted for me exactly as I am . To be treasured . To be admired . To be nurtured with attention and affection . I will give these to myself , with God’s help , and stop demanding it from others , even if this was unconscious behavior that is now becoming more conscious everyday . I’m sorry to all those I “used” this way , believe me if I’d know I wouldn’t have . I am sorry to myself for neglecting myself in the same way my own parent neglected me and for choosing to repeat that pattern throughout my life in all sorts of ways. It’s time to welcome ME home with open arms and a heart full of LOVE and compassion . Pray for me all you who read this and mostly GOD who is SPIRIT enable me to transform . I want to bear the true fruit of KINDNESS and stop being “nice”as described here . It serves no one and especially does not serve YOU . Amen .

  • Dark dragon master

    I partially agree to what you are saying.I remembered a person now that fits she’s too nice because she has an internal problem. However not all people are “too nice” because they have an internal issue. For example, if a person is plain nice does it mean that she/he has a hidden agenda behind them? (Most time they do though)