Six Parenting Traps That Will Turn Your Kid Into a Sociopath

  • Paul In-Ca

    I’ve really enjoyed and agreed with what you’ve had to say, thank you.
    That said; I don’t agree with your summation here, as I spent 2 years with a covert narcissistic sociopath (malignant narcissist), and she became such from abject abuse, physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse, followed by being blamed at 4 years old for making her father “discipline” her the way she does, because she’s so irritating. Those were the words of her mother, as she stood by, repeating in a perceived monotone voice. “you need to stop richard, you’re going to kill her) almost like a mantra, which couldn’t begin until after at least the 5th blow to the preadolescence, be it her face, back of the head, abdomen, made no difference. When this had been accomplished, and blame securely placed on the child, the child was then sworn to secrecy and shamed, then neglected basically until her father once again finished his work week in another state, to come back drunk, and repeat this again, and again, and again, until around age 10-12, but by this time she’d already begun mirroring, mimicking, even seducing (age 14 her sister’s husband) She shut off, not because of being “spoiled”, but from being abused and neglected. She has a brother the 2 of them are the middle children, whereas the eldest learned to also be abusive, and the youngest (the golden child) eventually hanged himself, 2 months after I met the female covert. All of the children are consummate drug addicts, and the eldest daughter 1/2 is the number one enabler for all the cluster b malignants in the family. The other middle around age 10 was also disciplined, but with a steel pipe to the head, leaving him permanently brain damaged, and yet somehow there was never an inquiry as to how, and no wonder as queen narcopath is a 4th grade school teacher, in the small community in Southern Ohio where this all took place. The only reason I know the story I’m sharing isn’t fallacious like 98% of what comes from her mouth, is I’ve heard the stories of abuse from other independent sources, and I’ve actually wrestled with whether or not I should bring attention to the egregious act perpetrated on the son, now in his late 30’s early 40’s, as there is no statute of limitations for the crime of irreparable harm to a child causing them to not be able to learn at the same rate as their peer group. I personally think someone should be held responsible, and what about the one who hanged himself? Should nobody have culpability for that heinous crime as well?
    What do you all think I should do? It’s also worth noting that in less than a month, my nex will achieved her goal of attaining counseling credentials for drug addicts and alcoholics, and my discard was so she could hook the next victim, and very specific and strategic this one is, as he’s 7 years seniority at the rehab she abjectly stated would be where she WILL have her practice upon graduation, and he’s completely anesthetized already, as I told her 9 months ago, I’d find her current victim, and at least warn him, and one month ago, I did exactly that. Oh how I hate these demons in human skin, and now I have to make a move she either couldn’t possibly have been expecting, and/or she’d be unable to preempt, as I am putting together a generic email for the director of the facility, and hope to have some of what others have said about my nex, as I’ve made friends online with some clinical psychologists, not to mention the fact she left me with CPTSD, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and some dissociation, and my next door neighbor just happens to do threat assessment of psychopathy for our court system. Her only reason for being a “counselor” has nothing to do with epitomizing her already stomach wrenching feigned altruism, no. It is all about the decided objective when she made clear where she’d have her practice. Oh, it’s worth mentioning, as you know we catch on to what they are, and the fact they’re not super inventive, and have the EQ of a 4 year old, but though I’m sure nobody else noticed, this “grammar nazi’s” new love misused “your” in a sentence, and a very simple word usage it was. That disqualifies him from being of high enough intelligence for her to give real consideration, but the 7 years puts her resume on the top of the pile, and this is what will ultimately make way for her true objective, that being to have unquestioned, unlimited, and completely unfettered access to an inexhaustible source of narcissistic supply, by way of these admittedly needy drug addicts and alcoholics. I am a true intuitive empath, and was as loving, kind and supportive as anyone could be, and I already told you what she did to me. No doubt, she’ll have him at the altar soon, (he’s not at all attractive which is another big one for her), just in time to begin her new career, where she will fabricate some lame yet elaborate story of how he betrayed her, forcing her to dissolve the marriage, and after he caused it, it doesn’t seem right that if one of them has to leave the employ of the rehab it should be her, after all she’s done nothing but show her love for him, and not based on looks, but that she thought he was someone much different than who he turned out to be. He’ll get the boot, she’ll get a promotion, and at least one addict will be a victim of psychological homicide.