Women Decoded: The Secret Strategy for Relationship Success (The Short and Sweet Guides to Life) (Volume 2)

Men, Discover What Women Really Want from You

Learn simple strategies for creating a great and lasting relationship.

If you could uncover the keys to understanding women and improving your communication with them in just 20 minutes, would you do it? Now you can through this quick and enjoyable read.

Women, Decoded: The Secret Strategy for Relationship Success, delivers wisdom and eye-opening insights in a style that is fun, enlightening and easy to digest.

As you flip through each page you’ll collect a bundle of “ah-hah” nuggets that empower you to:

  • Understand what women want, and what women don’t expect from a man
  • Identify when women just want you to listen and when they want help in solving their problems
  • Realize the difference between caring for a woman and taking care of a woman
  • Recognize the types of women you should avoid if you desire love for the long-term
  • Master the subtle art of effective male-female communication

The beauty of Women, Decoded, lies in its straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

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