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Be Kind, Not Nice: How to Stop People-Pleasing, Build Your Confidence and Discover Your Authentic Self


Are you frustrated in your relationships?
Are you an employee, manager or boss? Are you parent, teacher or caregiver? Are you a sibling, friend or part of a couple?

In this book, Dr. Marcia Sirota gives you the straight talk with real-life stories, deep psychological insights and practical, easy-to-apply tools to rebuild your self-esteem and stop trying so hard to make other people happy.

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In Be Kind, Not Nice, you’ll discover how:

  • To escape the vicious circle of people pleasing, being mistreated, frustration and addiction
  • To become a more compassionate, kind person
  • To love and accept yourself first
  • To take better care of yourself and live a more authentic, empowered life
  • To create positive, successful relationships at home, school and work

If you’re a people-pleaser and can’t stop being nice, this book is for you.

We use words like kindness and nice every day without ever really thinking about what they may actually mean. By deconstructing two seemingly simple words in an attempt to define them, this book opens a doorway to a deep meditation on self-forgiveness, healing and true personal potential.


Back on the Market: The Grown-up Woman’s Guide to Great First Dates…  (The Short and Sweet Guides to Life) (Volume 3) 


So you’re back on the market trying to find “the one.” The good news is the process doesn’t have to be awful. In fact, with refreshing and sound advice from Dr. Marcia Sirota — the journey to meeting someone special can actually be fun again. Back on the Market: The Grown-up Woman’s Guide to Great First Dates…and Beyond delivers insights from a woman’s perspective that are eye-opening, light-hearted and spot on.



Women Decoded: The Secret Strategy for Relationship Success (The Short and Sweet Guides to Life) (Volume 2) 

Women Decoded: The Secret Strategy for Relationship Success, delivers wisdom and eye-opening insights in a style that is fun, enlightening and easy to digest.


 Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body

(The Short and Sweet Guides to Life) (Volume 1) 

Lose weight and heal through self-love and positive affirmations: Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body is a refreshing book that will transform your body and elevate your life. You’ll feel fully supported as Dr. Marcia Sirota gives you all the tools you need to eat healthy and “feel full” of love, possibilities, confidence, self-worth and inner peace.

Emotional Overeating: Know the Triggers, Heal Your Mind, and Never Diet Again

Emotional Overeating Marcia Sirota book cover
In this groundbreaking yet accessible work, Marcia Sirota puts happiness in its rightful place as the true reason for overcoming compulsive eating. She shows why diets and dieting can’t work and how the goal shouldn’t only be weight loss, but freedom from the obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors associated with overeating.

Visualizations for Empowerment

Visualizations For Empowerment cd cover
Dr. Sirota of The Ruthless Compassion Institute walks you through 11 different visualization exercises on this full-length audio CD. These are designed to help people connect to the different parts of their psyche and to heal the wounds of childhood.